Owl puzzle with mushrooms by a waterfall perched on lost city ruins


This challenging adult puzzle is 520 pieces. The completed puzzle measures 15.74 inches tall, 19.74 inches wide and is 0.06-inch thick with a semi-gloss finish over this unique digitally-printed design.


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Setting the scene for this owl puzzle with mushrooms:

this owl puzzle with mushrooms in front of a waterfall is set in a night scene in the mysterious enchanted forest of lost city ruins puzzle with a full moon in the starry sky. the best owl puzzles are in our 500 piece nature puzzles collection.

In the heart of an ancient forest, where time seemed to stand still and the whispers of forgotten civilizations lingered in the air, stood the remnants of a lost city. Moss-covered ruins stretched towards the sky, their crumbling facades bearing silent witness to the passage of ages. Among these relics of a bygone era, a stone statue stood tall and proud, its weathered features frozen in time.

Perched atop the mossy shoulder of the statue, an owl with luminous amber eyes surveyed its domain with a sense of quiet reverence. It was a guardian of this forgotten realm, a sentinel of the past, and the keeper of secrets buried beneath layers of history. With each beat of its majestic wings, it seemed to carry the echoes of ancient tales whispered by the wind.

Nearby, a towering waterfall cascaded into a crystal-clear pool, its gentle roar filling the night with a soothing melody. Beside the pool, a colossal white mushroom stood sentinel, its broad cap reaching towards the starry sky like a beacon in the darkness. Bathed in the soft glow of moonlight, it seemed to emanate an otherworldly aura, casting shadows that danced across the forest floor.

As midnight descended upon the tranquil forest, the air grew cool and still, as if nature itself held its breath in anticipation of what secrets the night might reveal. The owl, ever vigilant, watched with a keen eye as the world around it came alive with the subtle magic of the witching hour.

Suddenly, a soft rustling broke the silence, and a figure emerged from the shadows, moving with the grace of a dancer. It was a young woman, her dark hair cascading like a waterfall down her back, her eyes alight with curiosity and wonder. She approached the stone statue with cautious reverence, her footsteps echoing in the stillness of the night.

With a gentle hand, she reached out to touch the weathered stone, feeling the cool touch of history beneath her fingertips. As she traced the intricate carvings that adorned the statue’s surface, she felt a sense of connection to something greater than herself, as if the spirits of the past were reaching out to her across the ages.

The owl watched silently from its perch, its amber eyes reflecting the moonlight like pools of liquid gold. It sensed the young woman’s reverence and respect, and it knew that she was bound to this place by a force greater than mere curiosity.

With a soft hoot, the owl spread its wings and took flight, soaring gracefully into the night sky. As it disappeared into the darkness, the young woman turned her gaze towards the towering mushroom beside the waterfall, its ethereal glow beckoning her forward.

With a sense of purpose and determination, she stepped into the moonlit clearing, guided by the ancient magic that pulsed through the forest like a heartbeat. And as she approached the colossal mushroom, she felt a sense of belonging wash over her, as if she had finally found her place in the world amidst the ruins of a lost city deep in the heart of the forest.

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This owl puzzle with mushrooms is:

0.06″ (1.53 mm) thick 520 pcs puzzle size: 15.74″ × 19.74″ (40 × 50.1 cm)