Blood visions hardcover bound notebook


This 5.5×8.5″ 80-page hardcover journal features the Blood Vision Oracle of the Lost Forest. She knows the past of all whose blood has spilled on the forest floor and seeped into the great mycelium web. Fresh blood can harken visions of the future—but the future is forever shifting and straying from your forest guides can lead you down unexpected rabbit holes, making her words irrelevant in your quest.

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This 5.5×8.5″ 80-page hardcover journal is durable and ready to receive  your thoughts and dreams, record wildlife sightings, and count how many mushrooms you find while wondering in the wilderness. Lost forest journals feature a motley crew of helpers to guide you through the lost forest. This one-of-a-kind fantasy design makes a perfect gift for forest lovers. These original designs are by Mandy Wheaton crafted in her studio in Maine.

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