In a sunny meadow a fawn delivers a key hardcover journal


The all original Fawn Keeper of the Keys Collection designs are digitally mastered by Mandy Wheaton in her Maine studio. Hours traversing the Maine forests in all seasons have been inspirational. Tracking deer is a favorite past time, and recently a set of twin fawns visited Mandy’s wooded home with their mother doe. This enchanting encounter with wild fawns inspired her to create the Fawn Keeper of the Keys Collection.

If you are lucky enough to wander into an enchanted forest, be sure to explore it slowly and carefully. There are unending wonders to be discovered, and tokens to be tucked away. You may happen upon hidden waterfalls and secret gardens. Those who dare to explore far enough to the heart of the forest may even find ancient ruins and hidden treasures. Beware of the Pink Pixies wander the woodland and they are known to trade side and be tricky. Enchanted forests can be as dangerous as they are beautiful. It’s important to stay on the beaten path and be aware of your surroundings—unless you have a Faithful Fox Guide to lead you on a quest along a less taken path.

Sacred creatures of the forest guide wandering souls through the rugged terrain on quests. Here we have the Fawn Keeper of the Keys. Each spirit animal has a special job and waits for you, and the young fawn is one of many. The fawns’ innocence and youth give them ultimate trust and honesty. They know nothing more than the spell tying them to the safe exchange of the sacred keys.

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Whether crafting a masterpiece or brainstorming the next big idea, this notebook will inspire your inner wordsmith. The product features 80 lined, cream-colored pages, a built-in elastic closure, and a matching ribbon page marker. Plus, the expandable inner pocket is perfect for storing loose notes and business cards, so you’ll never lose track of important information.

• Cover material: UltraHyde hardcover paper
• Size: 5.5″ × 8.5″ (13.97 cm × 21.59 cm)
• Weight: 10.9 oz (309 g)
• 80 pages of lined, cream-colored paper
• Matching elastic closure and ribbon marker
• Expandable inner pocket

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