12″ Large Artists Conk Dried Toadstool Mushroom


This toadstool mushroom was found hanging over a slowly flowing seasonal stream and was just out of reach. I used a few rocks nearby to stand on to reach this gorgeous toadstool mushroom. It was well worth to effort. Many shelf mushrooms have a white underside that darkens when scratched. This species is the largest and best for drawing and writing. The artist conk has been used for art and communication throughout history.Please see our other foraged nature and toadstool mushroom art.

About this mushroom:


Latin name: Ganoderma applanatum
Family: Ganodermataceae
Description: Woody, semicircular, brownish bracket; white underside bruises dark gray to black. Grows on dead wood or in wounds of living deciduous trees. Year-round. Cap shelflike, semicircular; brown to grayish black; texture woody, can be warty or zoned; very hard, not shiny. Pores circular; white when fresh, bruising dark gray to black; pore surface darkens when scratched. Stalk not present. Spore print brown. Spores magnified are elliptical, blunt at one end.


This 12″ Large Dried Toadstool Mushroom will be carefully wrapped to protect the creamy white underside.