Foliose Lichen Container with Turkey Tail Mushroom in Lid


These little foliose lichen containers feature lovely little turkey tail mushrooms in the lid. Although only two colors are featured, gold and copper, more colors are available upon request with a two-week turnaround. There are two color selectors below, only one is required, and there is no fee for a secondary color.

To choose one of the boxes photographed, choose the closest color on the dropper color picker tool, and leave a note with your order upon checkout–or feel free to email me, Mandy, at

Why the wait? Mushrooms and lichen need time to properly dry in silica gel powder and the resin needs a few days to cure prior to shipping, so please be patient.

Only 2 left in stock (can be backordered)

We hand mix by eye and will do our very best to match your selected color(s).


These little trinket boxes feature foliose lichen from the mountain here in Bucksport, Maine and a turkey tail shelf mushroom encased in the top.

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